A few things about me that may or may not matter to you...


I co-own the content studio MADBOX

I started my career re-enacting scenes from the Star Wars Trilogy, The Last Starfighter, Red Dawn, and Friday the 13th movies. The first movie I remember seeing in the theater: Beverly Hills Cop. The first movie I actually saw in the theater (according to parents): Raiders of the Lost Ark. My heroes are, in no particular order, Axel Foley, Robin Williams, Reggie Hammond, Jackie Chan, Jack Burton, Bruce Lee, Chandler Jarrell, John Carpenter, Tony Scott, the NOT bat shit crazy Mel Gibson, the totally bat shit crazy Tom Cruise, Eddie Murphy, and the Three Amigos

I shot my first commercial on the 35mm camera that shot "Midnight Cowboy".

My favorite RPG's are Cyberpunk, Dark Conspiracy and Battletech.

I am the co-founder of an elite online Counter-Strike gaming team from the late 90's called Chu Chu Rockets AKA [chu^2]. My handle was [chu^2]Cisco. Cisco is Lou Diamond Phillips' character from The Big Hit. That is one of my favorite worst movies ever.

I'm a Chicago Bears fan... so I know how to lose.

I'm a Manchester United fan... so I know how to win. 

I used to run an improv troop.

I love classic cars. My first car was this baby.

I have two kids... raising them is a lot like raising two gorillas.